Squash hits Virtual Reality

Have you ever wanted to play squash without having to work up the biggest sweat of your life? I know I have… Well without further adjure I’d like to take the time to introduce you to squash in virtual reality. That’s right developers have moved to create a video game where you can play as your favorite PSA players and see if you can unlock their full potential.

PSA squash has recently funded an exhibition to create Squash in virtual reality. Such players that will make an appearance in the game are  Nick Matthew, Amr Shabana, Gregory Gaultier and the list goes on.

Considering squash is somewhat struggling with its publicity around the world, Alternative soft has taken the challenge to put one of the healthiest sports in the world into a video game.

With the continuing development of virtual reality and technology finally being able to be used in a more physical sense with VR headsets creating for more immersive games, this Wii interactive creating could really hit the interest for the younger generations and therefore repopulate the sport.

Watch below and tell us what you think